12 Things To Check For a Well-insured Vacation

You are happy, your departure on vacation is imminent … But whether your stay is in France or abroad, you are not immune to unpleasant surprises. Lost luggage, cancelled transport, Linternaute.com gives you its advice to go on vacation peacefully.
The contract of his bank card
We do not always know it, but a certain number of services are included in the contract signed for obtaining your bank card. Payment cards such as Mastercard or Visa generally offer several benefits. First of all, so-called assistance services such as medical repatriation, hospitalization abroad or even a replacement driver… Obviously, these services are linked to the range of your bank card. The more upscale your bank card, the more services are supported. Before leaving, check your contract. And if in doubt, contact your bank advisor.
Insurance benefits for your bank card
Bank card contracts also include so-called insurance services. Namely the reimbursement of a cancelled trip, compensation in the event of the theft of your rental vehicle … The rule to know is that to be compensated, you must have paid with your payment card. Regarding the levels of support, everything depends once again on your card. High-end payment cards like American Express Gold or Mastercard Platinum even provide for civil liability abroad. As a general rule, the people covered are yourself, your spouse or partner, as well as tax-dependent unmarried children under 25. Do not hesitate to check precisely the provisions of your contract before your departure.
Apply for your European health insurance card
If you decide to go to a country belonging to the European Economic Area (EEA), that is to say, the twenty-seven Member States of the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, consider applying for a European health insurance card at least two weeks before your departure. Thus, you will benefit from on-site medical care. According to the legislation of the country, two cases are possible: either you have no expenses to advance, or you pay for your care and are then reimbursed by the local social security organization. You will then be reimbursed as a resident of the country. It is possible to be reimbursed for more by presenting the invoices to French Social Security on your return. The European health insurance card and its digital version available in the ameli application are valid for a maximum of two years. To obtain it, you have three possibilities: connect to your Ameli account, call 36 46, or go directly to your social security centre.
Reimbursement of healthcare in non-EU countries
If you go outside the European Economic Area (EEA), Health Insurance specifies that “only urgent and unforeseen care may possibly be covered by your health insurance fund”. You must then pay the medical expenses on the spot and keep the invoices. It is on your return that the Health Insurance Fund estimates whether or not you were in an emergency situation and decides on a possible reimbursement. To do this, you will have to fill out a form called “Care received abroad”. Important note, this reimbursement cannot be higher than that to which you would have been entitled to care provided in France. This is why it is important to look in particular at the services offered by your bank card or even to take out a specific insurance contract to be well taken care of.
Compensation for a lost suitcase
Every year, several million pieces of luggage are lost at airports around the world. In the event of temporary or definitive loss, responsibility for the incident falls to the carrier or the hotel. It is his insurance that bears the costs of the loss. In the event of travel by plane, if the airline company misplaces your baggage, it will compensate you at best up to 1,134.71 euros (sum per passenger). A figure that can be well below the actual value of the merchandise in your suitcase. Via your bank or another insurer, you can take out specific insurance that allows you to be reimbursed in the event of loss, theft or destruction. A company like Allianz, for example, offers to reimburse you for essential goods purchased if your suitcase has been lost or arrives late at your vacation spot.

The support of the tour operator for organized trips
You have decided this year to go on an organized trip. In other words, you have purchased a package trip comprising at least two services including transport, accommodation and tourist services such as excursions, sports activities, visits … over a minimum period of twenty-four hours. It is a travel agency which is responsible for all the inconvenience. The hotel does not have the planned swimming pool, visits are canceled … In short, if the trip does not correspond to the service indicated on the contract that you have paid, it must compensate you according to the law of July 13, 1992. Remember to keep supporting documents such as photos or brochures so that your complaint is convincing and your claims proven. Then send your file by registered letter to the travel agency asking for compensation. And do not hesitate to group your complaint with that of other participants: this will give more weight to your request.
Compensation for a canceled trip
Unfortunately, an unforeseen event such as an illness or an accident can occur at any time and make you forgo your vacation. If you do not have a guarantee for this type of incident, depending on the proximity of the departure, the tour operator may not reimburse you all or part of the sums already paid. A trip cancellation guarantee allows you to be reimbursed unless the reasons for your cancellation are part of the exclusion cases. It is sometimes included or optional in the price of the trip or offered in the guarantees of your bank card. According to most insurance contracts, cancellation is covered provided that it is “unforeseeable at the time the contract is taken out and unintentional”. If the cancellation comes from the tour operator, the latter is responsible unless it is a case of force majeure such as a volcanic eruption or a political uprising.
Protecting your child
This summer, your child is going to a day centre or summer camp. The structure has the legal obligation to take out insurance which covers the civil liability of animators and children. However, this insurance is often limited and may, for example, not cover cases of theft. Generally, your comprehensive home insurance covers your child’s civil liability. But it seems wise to also take out extra-curricular insurance that protects the latter from damage caused and suffered in all circumstances when he is in the ventilated centre. If your child goes on vacation to a friend’s house, you should check that the people who welcome them have civil liability insurance that covers them in the event of damage caused or suffered by your child. If he gets hurt, they could be held responsible.
Vehicle insurance
Having auto insurance is a legal requirement. It is necessary to check well before leaving that this one is up to date … In the event of an accident, the civil responsibility which is attached to it takes care of the caused damages. If you are leaving with a caravan attached to your car, the insurance terms vary depending on the permissible gross weight (GVWR). Between 500 and 750 kilos, you can ask your insurer to add your caravan to your car insurance contract. Beyond 750 kilos, you must take out independent insurance for your caravan. If you are traveling with more than one driver, check that your contract allows for a change of driver. Some insurance companies ask you to mention the names of the drivers.
The rental contract of the car rental company
When you rent a car, you necessarily have liability insurance. It is subscribed by the lessor and integrated into the cost of the rental. For the rest, the terms of insurance contracts vary from one company to another. Sometimes the rental price includes guarantees related to persons transported, luggage, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle, etc. In all cases, all the guarantees offered as well as their exclusions and the amounts of the excess must be communicated to you before the signing of the rental contract. Likewise, these guarantees must remain optional. You are free to subscribe or not. If you are liable for damage to a third party, it is the civil liability included in your multi-risk home that compensates the victims. If you are responsible for damage to the vehicle, the rules vary depending on the rental agreement.

The rental contract for the holiday residence
In general, the owner has his insurance. If the owner and his insurer have agreed not to claim anything from you in the event of fire or water damage, we say that there is a “waiver of recourse” or “waiver of recourse”. Be careful! For this agreement to work, there must be a clause in the rental agreement and in the owner’s insurance contract. As a tenant, you are covered by your liability insurance.
The implementation of the resort guarantee
When you rent a property for the holidays, it may happen that the owner leaves it to you to insure yourself. In this case, check the coverage of your comprehensive home policy. Perhaps it contains a resort guarantee. This will cover you in particular in the event of a claim. If it is not present in your contract, you can ask your insurer for an extension of the guarantee, namely a setting up of the resort guarantee. If, however, this guarantee seems insufficient to you, you can always take out specific insurance.