Tomato Basil Soup

*10 Ing. or Fewer *Gluten-Free–Optional *Vegetarian
Makes 12 servings
Prep. Time: 15 minutes Cooking Time: 3½ hours Ideal slow-cooker size: 4-qt.
Needed at Time of Preparation:
½ cup very finely diced onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 cups vegetable stock *choose a gluten-free stock to keep this recipe gluten-free
2 28-oz. cans crushed tomatoes
1 Tbsp. salt
½ tsp. pepper
Preparation Instructions:

  1. Place all ingredients into a gallon-sized freezer bag.
  2. Remove as much air as possible and seal bag.
  3. Label bag with the information below, then freeze.
    TIP: If 12 servings are just too much for you, either split the recipe between 2 freezer bags or make it all and freeze the leftovers into portions appropriate for your family.
    Information for Freezer Bag:
    Makes 12 servings
    Cooking Time: 3½ hours Ideal slow-cooker size: 4-qt.
    Needed at time of Cooking:
    ¼ cup fresh minced basil, plus more for garnishing, plus more for garnish
    1 cup heavy cream, room temperature


  1. Thaw bag completely for 24–48 hours or more.
  2. Empty contents of freezer bag into the crock. Add the ¼ cup chopped fresh basil.
  3. Cover and cook for 3 hours. You may puree the soup at this point if you wish for a totally smooth soup.
  4. Stir in heavy cream and cook an additional 30 minutes on Low.
  5. Garnish each serving with a few ribbons of fresh basil.

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