Why A Cat Could Be The Purr-fect Pet For You

Are you thinking of getting a pet? If you are like most people, you may be considering getting a dog, or perhaps goldfish or hamsters. But some people are just naturally drawn to cats. Cats as pets are extremely cuddly and cute when trained properly and they have an air of mystery and independence that many people find irresistible. Let’s look closely at the reasons why a cat might be the ideal pet for you. 
Cats are very charming creatures. If you have looked deeply into their enigmatic eyes, stroked their soft fur, and heard their adorable purring, you will understand why they are such endearing little things.
Cats are ideal for people who are looking for quiet companionship. They are not as noisy and demanding as dogs. They don’t run around much, making a mess or demanding your attention. If quiet relaxation is what you crave, you can count on getting just this with a pet cat, more so in their later years than when they are young. Most cats will quietly just sit around as you read, cook, do needlework or type on the keyboard. As such, cats tend to be preferred by people who are into crafts, cooking, gardening and other quiet, home-based activities. Dogs, meanwhile, are better suited for people who are into fishing, hunting, camping, running and other active hobbies.
Cats are also very loyal. Despite what you may have heard, dogs are not the only pets who are devoted to their owner. There is, however, some truth to the opinion that with cats, you have to first “earn” their loyalty, in a matter of speaking. Cats may not immediately show their affection or devotion, but once they know who feeds them and takes care of them, they give this person their complete loyalty. When this happens, they can be very affectionate pets. A sign of this affection is when a cat snuggles and rubs against your legs and feet, just when you least expect it. Another sign is when they just lie quietly in your lap, purring softly, as if to say, “You’re not alone, I’m here no matter what.” These are some of the joys of being a cat owner.
Cats, like some dogs, are fluffy and warm. If you want a pet that you can stroke, cuddle and bond with, go for a cat. You can’t do this as much (or at all) with fish and birds. 
Cats can live a long time. They can be your companion for as long as twenty years, maybe even more, especially if they are kept indoors. Hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits and other small animals have a much shorter lifespan. If longevity is a concern, a cat would be the better option. Parents who are thinking of getting a pet for their children should give this some thought. It can be very devastating to have a pet die on you, and nobody wants their child to go through this experience.
Cats can also coexist peacefully with other pets in the household, provided you make the effort to properly train all your pets to live together. Despite the stereotype, cats and dogs can be quite good friends. Even cats and fish can live together, as long as the fish are safely kept in an aquarium that the cat can’t reach. Some animal experts, however, caution against getting a cat when you already have a bird. The cat could end up hurting the bird. But of course, there are ways to work around even the most challenging situations if you are motivated enough. Many pet owners manage to keep both cats and birds with few problems.
Finally, cats are interesting companions. They act like “normal” pets most of the time, but at other times, they act as if nobody owns them. They can be their own boss, strutting around the house as if they own the place and entirely ignoring their owner (and all humans for that matter). For some people, this can be irritating, but for most cat lovers, it is an endearing trait. It’s just how cats are: warm and affectionate most of the time, yet also proud, independent and infinitely more fascinating than dogs will ever be.